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I've a php script which loads basically just one csv via:

 echo json_encode(file(csvfile.csv, FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES));

The output is something like this:

["foo,bar,baz","foo, foo,bar","bla,bla,blubb"] 

In my basic html file I load it in this way:

    $.getJSON("myphpscript.php", function(data) {

function filltable(jqxhr){
    var table_obj = $('table');
    $.each(jqxhr, function(index, item){
         table_obj.append($('<tr id="''"><td>''</td></tr>'));

which fills my <table id="table"></table> just with undefined.

My goal is it to get a table with 1 column containing:

foo, foo,bar

After specify a delimiter my js-function should explode each line and more columns. This is my first attempt with javascript and json. Thank you very much

Edit: Fixed function call (Thanks VisioN) . object.length is now ok, but the table is still undefinied

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I think you might want to use

table_obj.append($('<tr id="'+index+'"><td>'+item+'</td></tr>'));

instead of

table_obj.append($('<tr id="''"><td>''</td></tr>'));
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Thank you, that did the trick. – vo1d Oct 14 '12 at 23:23
No problem, glad to help when I can. – xception Oct 14 '12 at 23:23

Your data structure doesn't match the jQuery object parsing schema

You are trying to parse an object that would look like:


For one column You just want

 table_obj.append($('<tr id="'+item+'</td></tr>'));
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