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I am trying to submit a update to the google play store for my sencha touch 2 app.

the following is my packager.json file.

    "orientations": [

I run the following command

sencha package run packager.json

this creates the apk file however when i try to upload the new apk i get a message saying the versonCode 1 is already in use.

The instruction of packaging on Senchas website dont include the "versionCode" property I added that my self

Does anyone know how to change the version code for sencha app?

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I was able to edit platforms/cordova/android/AndroidManifest.xml and update the android:versionCode, then run sencha app build native

It built the new APK (signed, based on my config) and it was accepted by the Google Play store.

Much easier than un-packaging and repackaging.

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well here it is ...

After looking around the internet i found this approach works....

After Sencah creates the package use apktool to un-package the apk then edit the AndroidManifest.xml and package it up again with apktool.

Note when you re-package the app tit will be unsigned so you will have to sign it again for it install on peoples devices

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