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I'm working on a NHibernate, Castle Windsor and MVC3 project. I need to pass the view the currently logged in user's email address. The custom membership provider is in the namespace.CustomProviders.WebWindsorMembershipProvider. How do I pass the email address to my Razor view?

Our Custom membership provider defines usr.Email as part of this:

private MembershipUser GetMembershipUserFromUser(User usr)
        MembershipUser u = new MembershipUser("WebWindsorMembershipProvider",
                                              (usr.CreationDate.HasValue) ? usr.CreationDate.Value : DateTime.Now,
                                                  ? usr.LastLoginDate.Value
                                                  : Utils.MinDate(),
                                                  ? usr.LastActivityDate.Value
                                                  : Utils.MinDate(),
                                                  ? usr.LastPasswordChangedDate.Value
                                                  : Utils.MinDate(),
                                                  ? usr.LastLockedOutDate.Value
                                                  : Utils.MinDate()); 

        return u;

How do I pass the usr.Email value from the custom provider to embed into a H2 tag in my AccountInfo view?

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I know nothing of how you have implemented your membership system, but assuming it uses the standard Membership interface, then you just do this:

return View(Membership.GetUser().Email)

If you are using a view model, then you just do the same thing but add it to a view model and pass the view model to the view.

Not sure why you feel this is difficult.

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