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I have a Glassifh 2.1 server that has a website running for multiple URLS. For e.g.:

  1. www.url1.com
  2. www.url2.com
  3. www.url3.com

If I enter www.url1.com, I want that to redirect to www.url3.com/com/en/aboutus. I've tried adding the following to my domain.xml, but it didn't work.

<property name="redirect_1" value="from=http:/www.url1.com url-prefix=http://www.url3.com/com/en/aboutus"/>

Any ideas?

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I believe that the "from" attribute requires only a relative path, and not a full URL. I don't think that it can be used for what you try to do. Why don't you setup a simple reverse proxy, for instance with the apache httpd server? The setup is very simple and will give you a lot of flexibility.

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