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I am trying to show a ticked image if my value if set to Y. I followed this post but I get the following as contents of my grid column instead of the image:

<img src="/webapp/images/tickedS.jpg" alt="" />

Following is my model code for the new method that I wrote:

    public function getSurgeryFlaged(){
    return $this->flag_for_dashboard=='Y' ?  CHtml::image(Yii::app()->baseUrl .'/images/tickedS.jpg') : '';  


Following is column option for CGridView :


Instead of Model property, if I create a Controller protected method, the result is the same. Kindly guide, what am I doing wrong...?

Thanks in advance. Regards, Faisal

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You should use 'raw' as the type. see CFormatter

raw: the attribute value will not be changed at all.

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Wow...thats was quick....Thanks a lot :) – FaisalKhan Oct 15 '12 at 2:19

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