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We just transferred to Subversion from an old version control system and I am just trying to learn it on my windows machine using command line interface first. (I know there is TortoiseSVN but there is more that I'd like to accomplish later... :) )

I just wanted to know if there is an SVN command that I could execute that will list to me all the files that was changed/added/deleted given a particular timestamp?

Example, I would monitor one of the folder in my subversion repository and given a particular date I would like to list all the files that were change/altered/deleted/added/updated in that particular repository.

Say, starting yesterday...I would like to list all those files.

is this possible?

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Though someone have given the answer, I strongly suggest you have a read on SVN's official book at svnbook.red-bean.com . It has even mentioned on how to do exactly what you are asking now. Have a brief scan on this book and know the basics first, instead of trying out blindingly – Adrian Shum Oct 15 '12 at 2:01
Thanks Adrian! I started with TortoiseSVN and its graphical user interface...after learning thru with TortoiseSVN and its Subversion basic, I just found a need to understand further about the command line interface. I am still a newbie in this and just started learning today. Thanks a lot for your link. I was just hoping for a little consideration. :) – Mark Estrada Oct 15 '12 at 2:39
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Yes it is: you use the svn log command with -r switch:


From SVNs help:

   -r [--revision] ARG      : ARG (some commands also take ARG1:ARG2 range)
                              A revision argument can be one of:
                                  NUMBER       revision number
                                 '{' DATE '}' revision at start of the date
                                 'HEAD'       latest in repository
                                 'BASE'       base rev of item's working copy
                                 'COMMITTED'  last commit at or before BASE
                                 'PREV'       revision just before COMMITTED

Keep in mind it shows you all revisions before that specific date. So to see everything from today (2012-10-15) you should write:

svn log <URL_TO_YOUR_REPO> -r{2012-10-16}:{2012-10-14}
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Thanks Mate for this info! – Mark Estrada Oct 15 '12 at 2:41

If I remember correctly it's

svn diff -r{date}:{date}

More info here

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