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I would like to build a single custom java editor with three main components:

  1. a web browser (about half the screen)
  2. a java editor with code assist and syntax highlighting and everything else that comes in a standard java editor (about the other half of the screen)
  3. a small panel with an 'ok' and 'cancel' button (a small portion of the bottom)

I need to capture keystrokes and manipulate text in the editor but it doesn't need to be stored in a file. I'd prefer to keep all the text in memory and not worry about having a file on disk.

I can extend the EditorPart class and add a SWT browser component and the buttons (to take care of 1 and 3) but the SWT Text component is a simple multiline text area without a any of the java editor features.

I can extend one of the TextEditors but I don't know if I can add the browser and buttons and still get the java editor goodies.

My question is, is it even possible to build what I describe above? I've spent a good amount of time trying, so far I have not had much luck. If it can be done, what is the best approach?

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I suggest you to use java editor(JDT) instead building java editor using Text area from scratch. you just need to override createPartControl(Composite parent) and add browser and other button controls.

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