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I'm using jersey to make up a web application,but,i come up against problems.


public void exportUserLogCsvByConditions() {

    int pageSize = 10;
    int pageNo = 0;
    Page<UserLogVo> pageVo = new Page<UserLogVo>();
    pageSize = pageSize == 0 ? UserLogWebService.USER_LOG_DEFAULT_SIZE
            : pageSize;
    pageNo = pageNo == 0 ? 1 : pageNo;

    Map conditions = new HashMap();
    String startTime = null;
    String endTime = null;
    startTime = startTime == null ? UserLogWebService.USER_LOG_DEFAULT_START_TIME
            : startTime;
    endTime = endTime == null ? UserLogWebService.USER_LOG_DEFAULT_END_TIME
            : endTime;
    conditions.put("startTime", startTime);
    conditions.put("endTime", endTime);
    try {
        OutputStream outputStream = httpServletResponse.getOutputStream();

        List<UserLogVo> list = null;
        list = this.loopGetUserLog(conditions, pageVo);
                    //output data
        this.userLogService.exportUserLogList2CVS(outputStream, list);
        long totalPages = pageVo.getTotalPages();
        for (pageNo++; pageNo <= totalPages; pageNo++) {
            list = this.loopGetUserLog(conditions, pageVo);
                            //output data
            this.userLogService.exportUserLogList2CVS(outputStream, list);

        LOGGER.info("End to export UserLogList @ {}", new Date());
    } catch (IOException ex) {
        LOGGER.error("IOException" + ex.getMessage());


I wanna output stream in batches,and the stream output normally, but i found the method will be executed two times by jersey. Why so ? Thanks.

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Ouch. You should not use response output stream directly. You can use StreamingOutput instead. Create an anonymous impl of StreamingOutput, move your code to StreamingOutput.write() method and return the StreamingOutput from your resource method. Your StreamingOutput.write() method will be called by Jersey passing in the real response OutputStream when writing the response.

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Hi,Martin MatulaYes, for returning a stream type,your answer is ture. –  baidu_bit Oct 15 '12 at 9:23
Hi,Martin Matula Yes, for returning a stream type,your answer is ture. but it's my idea to wanna select ten thousand recodes from my database every time,and then i flush those data to browser client. in other word, How should I do in order to achieve the purpose of what I want? thanks a lot! –  baidu_bit Oct 15 '12 at 9:37
Sorry, I don't understand your question. What is the problem you see with the StreamingOutput approach? –  Martin Matula Oct 16 '12 at 12:07
en,thanks for your attention.i have resolved the weird problem. The error was caused by client browser.That browser will send request twice,so,the jersery function method will be executed twice.Martin,thank you again. –  baidu_bit Oct 17 '12 at 5:19
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