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In my lib/tasks folder I added a new .rake file.

In the rake task, I am doing this:

p = Post.new( ....)

When I run my task, I get the error:

rake aborted!
uninitialized constant Post

What do I have to do to import my Post model?

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I'm thinking you're probably missing the environment declaration. This is necessary in order for Rake to know about your Rails environment. Your rake task call should look something like this:

task :my_rake_task => [:environment] do

    # Your code here


Let me know if that solves the problem!

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You want to make the task dependent on the rails environment. You can do so by specifying the => :environment after the task declaration as such:

namespace :my_task do 
  desc "an example task"
  task :create_post => :environment do 
    Post.new .... # the rest of the implementation
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