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I'm writing a Backbone + RequireJS project, and encountering the following situation:

Module A:


// I need to do something like **$.ajax(options).done()** here

Module B:

subscriptions: {
    'ajax:fetch:in:module:b': fetch

fetch: {

I've tried to hook $.ajax(options) under a shared namespace (like cache.temp = $.ajax(options)) in Module B, then calling cache.temp.done() inside Module A, but it happened way before $.ajax(options) was created so cache.temp was simply an undefined.

I guess one way to solve this problem is to create a deferred that delays the execution of the code before $.ajax(options) is ready, but am not very sure whether this is something doable. Or if there are better ideas around, I am all ears.

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Did you set 'complete' callback in $.ajax settings? – opengrid Oct 16 '12 at 6:22
Is the order of these request important or do you just need to know when both are done? – fearphage Jan 29 '13 at 2:36

Here is an simple example of requirejs working with jquery deferred:


define(['require', 'jquery'], function(require, $) {

    var deferred = $.Deferred();

    require(['moduleB'], function(moduleB) {

    return deferred.promise();



require(['moduleA'], function(deferred) {
    deferred.done(function(moduleA) {
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You could use $.when and $.then like this if you have a ajax or deferred obj.

$.when( ajax call).then( do other thing)

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