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How can we set the space between lines in an rdlc textbox? Scenario: The application shall be printing a report to a pre-printed stationary sheet. One string field of the report is usually having about 400 characters of data (description input by user), which shall be printed in multiple lines. As a workaround to the problem of not able to set LineHeight property of textbox control in rdlc, I have written a custom code which will insert new line characters into the string (by adding Environment.NewLine) such that the string is splitted into multiple lines. However, I am not able to set the space between each line in the text box. I have tried setting both SpaceAfter and SpaceBefore property. No change :-( I also tried using VbCrLf and combination of Chr(10) and Chr(13) instead of Environment.NewLine. Did not help... Can you help!!! I am using VS2010 Premium Edition and Application Target of 4.0 framework.

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To set spacing between each line in the textbox. Right click the textbox and select properties, then the Font section. In the Line Spacing area select custom and put a 9pt, the higher the number, the more spacing you will have.

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