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I use ruby 1.9.3p194 (2012-04-20) [i386-mingw32] on Windows7. Recently I upgraded from Windows XP where I didn't have to run commands as administrator so I wasn't facing such issue.

To do mySQL backup I run runas /savecred /user:yogurt\administrator "cmd.exe /k mysqldump --user=#{dbuser} --password=#{dbpassword} #{dbname} > #{dump}" - mysqldump must be executed as administrator. I do not run my ruby scripts under administrator account.

runas starts new cmd.exe and ruby doesn't wait for it to finish. Dump process takes about one minute to finish. After that I zip the dump file and delete it.

But I have to make sure that the dump process already finished before I do any other action on that file. Right now I use sleep(60) that works but I wonder if there any better more systematic solution.

update - ruby code

cmd="runas /savecred /user:yogurt\\administrator \"cmd.exe /c mysqldump --user=root --password=password tafdb413 > #{dump}\""
output = %x[#{cmd} 2>&1]
puts "flow continues even though dump hasn't finished yet :-("
cmd="runas /savecred /user:yogurt\\administrator \"cmd.exe /c del #{dump}\""
output = %x[#{cmd} 2>&1]


I was thinking that I can create a file after the dump finishes as a second command inside cmd.exe. ruby will be checking for the existence of the file every second or so.

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What does the ruby code you're using to call this look like? I suspect this will end up being more about Windows than about ruby, but seeing the ruby code will make sure. – dpassage Oct 15 '12 at 5:11
@dpassage: I agree with you but I think that ruby needs to take care of this in this case. – Radek Oct 15 '12 at 6:21
Wouldn't it be possible to just run mysqldump instead of shelling it out into cmd? – Azolo Oct 16 '12 at 22:52
runas runs it new shell anyway so it really doesn't matter. – Radek Oct 16 '12 at 23:46

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