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I am trying to get a geo-spatial setup running with Deployd.

On GET of something like this

/beam?{"loc": {"$near": [51,-114], "$limit": 10}}

I get an error

"message": "can't find special index: 2d for: { loc: { $near: [ 51, -114 ], $limit: 10 } }",
"status": 400

AFAIK, I need to put this foo.ensureIndex({loc:"2d", affiliation:1}) somewhere.

But Where? Where can I assign explicit indexes?

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You only have to ensureIndex() once, just after your database table was created. You could do so just after connecting to the database as well. – Nathan Villaescusa Oct 15 '12 at 4:32
Thanks. But I am using Deployd and hence I dont have explicit access to mongdb. Can you please tell me where do I use the ensureIndex() command? – lonelymo Oct 15 '12 at 14:26

This question is over a year old, however, for those who are still figuring this out, do the following :

collection / resource = beam

property / field = location

Create a geo index on the property from mongodb shell -

db.*beam*.ensureIndex( { *location* : “2dsphere” } )

Add some geo data in location field -

{"type": "Point", "coordinates": [ -105, 39 ] }

Query it -

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Current version of deployd 0.6.9 does not seem to support index creation from dashboard, you must connect on mongodb with a shell or if you use a mongodb provider like mongohq you can create spatial index on mongohq dashboard.

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