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I am having synology DiskStation box ds211 server. Can i use it as media server for webrtc, if i want to communicate with peer to peer connection using WEBRTC?

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Your question is confusing, because if you want to make a peer to peer connection you don't need a Media Server. Also if you want to deal with the signalling, you don't want a media server.

AFAIK, Synology ds211 is a NAS system, so if you want to use it on behalf of your webrtc application, it can only help you sharing the signalling between applications. Although I don't see a very intuitive application built on top of it.

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Your questions is a bit confusing as I don't really understand why do you introduce the media server in the question. However, webRTC signaling is pretty trivial these days. For example you can use Websockets solutions like socket.io or Pusher to handle that for you. I wrote a webRTC Signaling tutorial that use Pusher.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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