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I am trying to test the following scenarios in ActiveMQ.

  1. Establish/Open a connection with ActiveMQ
  2. Validate if "Queue_name" is available in ActiveMQ
  3. If found, print the # of entities available in "Queue"
  4. Validate and print the messages from the "Queue"

I am not concerned on how the data gets published. I have looked for ways to access the queue and read data from it using stomp ruby client but could not find a definite answer. Most of the examples I found online were for publishing and subscribing to events.

Would really really appreciate any help in solving this.

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To gain insight into the state of destinations on the ActiveMQ broker via STOMP you can make use of the StatisticsBrokerPlugin feature to query for stats on destinations. ActiveMQ can also send out information via Advisory Messages which you can subscribe to with you STOMP client. As far as the Ruby syntax, no idea, but I'd hope the project has some examples you can build on.

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