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Something that I've run into a couple times now using Facebook comments:

After making a blog post (which has Facebook comments), I often end up sharing the new blog post on my Facebook timeline. This tends to work great for stimulating conversation - but often the conversation is primarily in reply to the share, rather than in the comments box.

Is there a way that these two threads (about the same thing) can be synchronized or combined?

Is there a better way?

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This question has been closed, but it's a very legitimate query relating to Facebook SDK usage - namely, the Comments plugin. I think whoever closed it must have misunderstood the question. – Daniel I-S Oct 20 '12 at 16:52

They are two different things:

  • Sharing means you discuss something with your friends or fans. This is discussion among group of people with something/someone in common. There could be restrictions about who see this topic (the author can control who see his stuff).
  • Commenting some page means that the discussion is always public and among everyone, not only specific group of people. So the nature of discussion and information shared is a bit different.

For these reasons the discussions are separate in Facebook and cannot be combined. If you don't want to have two threads then only use Facebook comments to start a thread and try to bring discussion to your friends as well.

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