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Why does require in the ns form behave different from the require function

I am dabbling in clojure and have run into a problem with importing. From the REPL

clojure.core=>(import '( FileReader))
clojure.core=>(import '
clojure.core=>(import FileReader)

each work perfectly, but from file only the following works:

(ns project.core

These each fail

(ns project.core
  (import ' 

(ns project.core
  (import '( FileReader))

with the following errors:

ClassNotFoundException$ (

ClassNotFoundException quote.( FileReader)$ (


In reality I need to import more than just, but this is a distilled version of the problem.

Any ideas what might be going wrong? I can't seem to find the problem anywhere else

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The solution is:

(ns project.core
  (:import [ FileReader BufferedReader FooBar]))

As to why this is necessary, the ns macro accepts several directives, including :import. Due to the way the macro is implemented, it expects arguments to the import directive to be in a list-like form - hence, [ ...]. Incidentally, a list such as ( ...) would work just as well.

For a complete rundown of how to use ns, please take a look at the ClojureDocs page: ClojureDocs is an invaluable resource for these sorts of problems.

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So, why does (import work? Shouldn't it be (:import This seems inconsistent to me. –  Doug Moore Oct 15 '12 at 5:40
Updated my answer to be a little more informative! –  Ben Oct 15 '12 at 5:44

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