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I have been searching this from past 4 days. I need to do a simple thing. 1) Create a HTML page. 2) Create a DB in couchDB. 3) Access the CouchDB from my HTML page. 4) Get the value and display the value form CouchDB in the HTML page.

I have gone through varrious docs available on internet, but failed to understand. Please if anyone can explain the easy steps, it would be of great help.


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CouchDB has a HTTP RESTful API. Everything is done by issuing HTTP requests with JSON data directly to the server, as documented on the wiki.

Cloudant has a nice article on how to use Backbone to do this.

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  • Try download CouchDb from here and install it.
  • Go to Start-> All programs Apache CouchDb and start CouchDB.
  • Try URL localhost:5984/_utils/ from your browser, you will be having option to create database and document.
  • Try Jquery or Backbone.js to connect CouchDb with the HTML.
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