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Here is my pubspec.yaml.

name: oct
version: 0.1.0
description: >
  Ojus Chemistry Toolkit (OCT) is an open-source toolkit for solving a
  variety of cheminformatics problems.  It is developed in Dart, mostly.
    sdk: args

When I run pub install, I receive a warning as follows.

Warning: Package "oct" is using a deprecated layout.

Reading pub's package layout details, I have not yet understood what is triggering the above warning. Request help! Thanks!

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Most likely, you have some .dart files outside predefined directories:


New SDK gives a helpful link if this problem occurs:

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Lesiak is mostly right. You'll get this warning if pub finds any .dart files in your package's root directory. In the old layout, that was where you put your publicly importable files.

In the new layout, those should go under lib.

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