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In my application i create a form which has an image control for which i have added drag drop event functionality. My problem is that i want to display the user a preview of the form once the user drop in an image. I have written a method to grab a screenshot of the form and display it but i dont exactly know when to call this method. If i call this method from within the Drop event then the sceenshot is of the previous state of the form. What i mean by that is if the Image control contains Image A as the initial image and the user drops image B into it, then calling my screenshot method give me a screenshot of the form having Image A. I was hoping that is there a event in WPF which can tell me that my image rendering in the control is finished? I have already tried events like Loaded, SourceUpdated etc. but they dont seem to work.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

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If you want to something likes below image. You should take a look at How to drag and drop items between data bound ItemsControls. enter image description here

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That is not what i am looking for. – Anuj Oct 15 '12 at 8:34

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