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I have an image inside an anchor tag. I would like the image to have a thick gray border, and when I hover it with the mouse the image should be surrounded by a thin black border, that doe not cover the gray border completely. I implemented this idea with two borders: the image has a border and the anchor has another border. In my understanding should work fine but it does not: there is a sort of padding margin in the bottom side of the image. Am I doing something wrong with the styles ? Here is the code I use, just copy and paste it to see it yourself:

<!DOCTYPE html>
            a img {border:1px #cccccc solid}
            a:hover img {border:1px #000000 solid}
            a {float:left;border:2px #cccccc solid}
        <a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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add display:block to the img

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try removing this line

a {float:left;border:2px #cccccc solid}​

if your intention is to only highlight the image on hover and it works fine

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I'm no wiz at CSS, but it seems you're redefining a in CSS line #3

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