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I am playing my vimeo video in a fancy box using the link

https://vimeo.com/513... Howeverthey show up in the non HD version . I have to click HD to view them.

How do i link to the HD version

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This is from Vimeo's FAQ

Plus and PRO users have the option to not only embed their videos in HD, but also to default those videos to be viewed in HD. This is a sweet way to make sure that your crisp HD videos are seen in their full resolution glory when they're embedded off of Vimeo.

If you'd like all of your videos to default to HD, just go to your account settings and select the "Videos" tab. Under "What about source files, mobile, and HD embedding?" select "Always play my videos in HD, when possible" and then click the "Save as default" button. Check "Also, apply to existing videos" to do just that.

Otherwise, if you have a specific video you want to default to HD mode click the "Settings" button that appears below the video on your video clip page and then select the "Embed" tab. Check the box next to "Default this video to HD quality when embedded" and click the "Save Changes" button.

It seems you have to be a Plus or a PRO user. If you are, there should be settings you can control at the account settings page.

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