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I have IIS7.5 with ASPNET 4.0 running in a Parallels virtual machine on Windows 7 on an external harddisk which I connect to my MacBook Air. My website source files are on my MacBook Air. I want to configure a website within IIS7.5 that points to the files on the MacBook Air. I now have this under physical path ('Basic Settings...' in IIS): \psf\home\dropbox\inetpub\mysite
My username and password for Windows 7 and OSX are the same.
But when I enter those credentials under 'Connect as', it does not work when I click 'test settings'. Authentication is checked, but Authorization failed with "Path might not exist and could not be verified (\psf\home\dropbox\inetpub\mysite)".
When I enter the UNC path in Windows Explorer directly I'm able to view the files.

How can I configure this correctly?

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were you able to figure this out? –  ob. Feb 25 '13 at 22:40
Nope, unfortunately not. I just created a separate image on an USB3.0 SSD drive and worked completely in a Windows VM. –  Flo Feb 26 '13 at 10:11

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