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I have a list in excel with an autofilter and where every row has a checkbox.

I have made a button with a macro to select all the checkboxes. This works fine. But when I filter my rows my 'select all' has to select only the visible checkboxes.

With my code it still selects all the checkboxes. Has anybody an idea to solve this?

My code:

  Sub SelectAll()
  Dim chk As CheckBox

  If Worksheets("Summary").FilterMode = True Then
    MsgBox "Filter mode is on"      
    MsgBox "Filter mode is off"
    For Each chk In Worksheets("Summary").CheckBoxes
      chk.Value = Checked
  End If
End Sub

Thanks in advance

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I'm taking it that your checkboxes are being hidden by the filtering.

This might help, inside your loop:

Dim chkRng As Range
Set chkRng = chk.TopLeftCell
Let addr = chkRng.Address ' for debugging to verify the cell the checkbox is associated with
Dim visr As Range
Set visr = chkRng.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)
Set ans = Intersect(visr, chkRng)
If Not ans Is Nothing Then
   MsgBox ("visible")
End If
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