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I set a value on frame 20 of my animation

var final_answer = hundreds.text+tens.text+units.text;
var mySharedObject:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("/");

I want to access this on frame 40 but I get the following error

Scene 1, Layer 'Actions', Frame 210, Line 5 1120: Access of undefined property mySharedObject.

I have also tried to use a normal variable - is there anyway to store a variable in what is effectively a cookie between frames?
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please see this answer - stackoverflow.com/a/4028473/1263701 –  zakhej Oct 15 '12 at 9:36

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i suggest you to use document class but if you dont want and handle all in first frame you can use addFrameScript


function onFrame5():void{
trace('current frame is 5');
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