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I have found that many javascript developers create methods that simply return a property like this :

function Obj (prop) {
    this.prop = prop; // public
Obj.prototype.getProp = function () {
    return this.prop;

While prop is public and can be accessed like this :

var a = obj.prop;

Moreover, I found that accessing an object property with a method is 121 times slower than accessing it directly (in Firefox)

var a, b,
    obj = new Obj(1);

a = obj.prop;
// ~6ns on Chrome
// ~5ns on Firefox

b = obj.getProp();
// ~6ns on Chrome (no difference)
// ~730ns on Firefox (122x slower...)

So my question is: should we always create methods that return properties or can we access properties directly? Is that antipattern?

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Yes it's an antipattern. Since js doesn't have native getters and setters which will be crossbrowser, yet, you should create your own getters and setters like:

Obj.prototype.getProp = function () {
    return this.prop;

Yes, you still can access this prop directly, but now you doesn't have to. More on that. This way you can create private properties via closures:

function Foo() {
   var __yourPrivateProp = 'Bar';
   return {
           getyourPrivateProp: function () {
               return: __yourPrivateProp
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All modern browsers support defining getters and setters (using Object.defineProperty, and older __defineGetter__ / __defineSetter__). –  Rob W Oct 15 '12 at 10:06
Thank you, I'll try it. –  Hekat Oct 15 '12 at 10:06

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