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I have a view controller, which uses a delegate protocol in order to pass back an array of strings. I now have another view controller, which I'd like to use the same protocol, but I've I use it I get a warning in Xcode Duplicate protocol definition of 'SearchDetailsDelegate' is ignored.

I need these two views to pass back an array for the parent view controller to parse. What would be a more appropriate way of achieve what I need to do here? Would key value observing be the way to go here?

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Define the protocol in a separate .h file (new file of objective c protocol) and then include it in the required view controllers.Redefining the same protocol in two different view controllers is not recommended as it has been in your case

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Really hard to choose between these two answers. I've picked this one as it more appropriately reflected the answer I was looking for. – squarefrog Oct 15 '12 at 15:55

You have few options:

  1. rename your protocols to be different.

  2. create an external protocol and adopt that protocol on each view

  3. Add a property to your view called ParentController with a type of it's parent.

    @property (strong,nonatomic) ParentViewController *ParentController;

(synthesise that off course)

Then, in your viewController, when you instantiate the view assign the viewController as the parent

YourView *childView  = [[YourView alloc]init];
childView.parentController = self;

Now you can add a method in your viewController that can receive the strings array

     //do what ever you need with the array
     //don't forget to add this method to your .h file so it will be visible

Lastly send the strings array from the view: [self.parentController setStringsArray:yourArray];

BTW if you want to know what view send the array you can:

-(void)setStringsArray:(NSArray*)arr fromView:(UIView*)senderView{
     //do what ever you need with the array
     //don't forget to add this method to your .h file so it will be visible

and use

    [self.parentController setStringsArray:yourArray fromView:self];

BTW 2 an other option will be to use notifications.

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Some great options here. If I were to create an external protocol, do I just create a new NSObject file and move my protocol to there? Then do I just #import "MyProtocolDefinition.h" and then @property (nonatomic, retain) id <SearchDetailsDelegate> delegate; in my child view controller? – squarefrog Oct 15 '12 at 10:55
Make sure u also write @protocol MyProtocolName above the interface in the .h file of the class which conforms that protocol – AppleDelegate Oct 15 '12 at 11:08

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