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Is there any way to put breakpoints in .ipp implementation files provided with boost library?

With Visual studio, I was able to do so but xcode (4.4.1) do not identify .ipp files as code files.

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NOTE: This is not a working solution, but I hope somebody can continue from here.

As mentioned in this question, file type associations of OSX are stored in plist files, so I wrote a short shell script that searches for the string hpp in all plists under a given directory:


find $1 -iname "*.plist" -print0 | while read -d $'\0' file
  if plutil -convert xml1 "$file" -r -o - | grep -q "<string>hpp</string>"
    echo "$file"

Calling the above script with sh /Applications/ finds Contents/Info.plist, as expected. Note that this file cannot be edited directly with Xcode, since it is locked while Xcode is running, but you can quit Xcode, convert the binary plist file to xml via plutil -convert xml1 Info.plist -o Info.xml, edit the xml and convert it back with plutil -convert binary1 Info.xml -o Info.plist.

I just searched for hpp in the xml file and added ipp as an additional file type (it occurred twice):

        <string>C++ Header Source</string>

After converting the edited xml file back to binary, to force Launch Services to re-read the plist, I touched the app bundle:

touch /Applications/

I logged off and logged back on, but: nothing. Still not syntax highlighting in Xcode and not file association of .ipp files in Finder. I even restarted the system, moved the Xcode app bundle to my desktop and back. Still nothing. I hope that someone else can pick up from here.

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  1. sudo /Applications/ /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Info.plist

  2. Use Cmd+F find .cpp and add near .ipp extension

  3. Reboot

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