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I built a slideshow-menu (using Slide JS - http://www.slidesjs.com/ ) and added a hover-event, so images will already switch when moving the mouse over the menu point. Additionally, when moving out of the whole block, there's a mouseleave event, which sets the image and menu point back to the first one. Now when I quickly switch between menu points (hover event) and then leave the whole block (mouseleave), it usually skips the mouseleave event (- or it never reaches it because the hover events (including a fade effect) take up too long).

Is there a way to thoroughly work off each event (or at least the last one in a row - e.g. mouseleave or last hover)?

Maybe an image of the website layout helps? enter image description here

Red: Hover-Event (changes green content)

Blue: Mouseleave-Event (green goes back to default)

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Could you create a jsFiddle? –  harsha Oct 15 '12 at 10:41
image doesn't help ... the code you are using is what's needed –  charlietfl Oct 15 '12 at 11:00

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If the fade effect is the culprit, then try adding a stop(true, true) function before your fade effect.

$(slideshow-menu-selector).on('mouseleave', function(){
    // Reset code here
    $(element-selector).stop(true, true).fadeOut();

This is just a sample code, based on your question. If you can put up a Fiddle, it would help a lot!

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I tried to make it in Fiddle, but the JS to initiate the Slide.JS itself didn't work. I never used Fiddle before, that's probably why I got trouble with it. Anyways, this stop function you suggested already did what I was looking for, so thanks! –  user828591 Oct 15 '12 at 11:46

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