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I have a collection in mongodb in which I have already inserted the documents.Now I want to update a document entry and I want to retrieve the document ID in the django template,like I am using checkbox alongside of the entry in the HTML.I want to give individual box a unique id which i plan to use same as the document id .. so HOW DO I RETRIEVE THE DOCUMENT ID IN THE DJANGO TEMPLATE ?

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show some code on how are you trying to do this and where are stuck in particular. Remember StackOverflow is not a forum! See some FAQ here stackoverflow.com/faq –  GianPaJ Oct 15 '12 at 11:26

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You can get the ID of a MongoDB document using the _id attribute. However using {{ object._id }} in a Django template, makes it throw an error saying it couldn't find the _id attribute.

To solve this, you must create a custom template tag for your app and use that to get the _id.

Inside your app folder, create a templatetags folder and create some python file eg:appname_tags.py.

The directory structure would be something like this


Inside the appname_tags.py paste the following code

from django import template
register = template.Library()

def mongo_id(value):
    return str(value['_id'])

Now you can use this new custom template tag in your templates by loading the tag module and passing the mongo document object to it.

  {% load appname_tags %}
  <p>here is your mongodb record id: {{ object|mongo_id }}</>

Remember, the app should be in the INSTALLED_APPS settings variable in settings.py for django to load the template tag.

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