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I am developing an app which has some media files like images/audio/video clip. I want to insert those media files as blob into SQLite of my C#/XAML windows store app. I can't find any example showing the blob datatype. How can I do that ? Here you can see SQLite supports blob datatype

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Not sure which API you are using, but here is a unit test for SQLite-Net. All it does is create the test object and populates the blob (byte array) with some data. It then compares the saved object with the original object.

public class BlobTest
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public byte[] Blob { get; set; }

public void TestSaveBlob()
    var conn = new SQLiteConnection("path_to_db");

    var expected = new BlobTest() { Id = 1 };
    expected.Blob = new byte[10];
    for (int idx = 0; idx < expected.Blob.Length; idx++)
        expected.Blob[idx] = (byte)(idx + 1);


    var actual = conn.Table<BlobTest>().FirstOrDefault();
    Assert.IsTrue(actual.Id != 0, string.Format("actual.Id == '{0}', expected non-zero", actual.Id));
    Assert.IsTrue(actual.Id == expected.Id, string.Format("actual.Id == '{0}', expected '{1}'", actual.Id, expected.Id));
    Assert.IsTrue(actual.Blob != null, string.Format("actual.Blob == '{0}', expected non-null", actual.Blob));

    for (int idx = 0; idx < expected.Blob.Length; idx++)
        Assert.IsTrue(expected.Blob[idx] == actual.Blob[idx], string.Format("actual.Blob[{0}] == '{1}', expected '{2}'", idx, actual.Blob[idx], expected.Blob[idx]));

Just to see what was in the db I ran this from the SQLite command line:

select id, hex(blob) from blobtest;


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