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I have an artifactory within a corporate network. I configured a http proxy for each remote repository. It doesn't work. How could I possibly find out why it doesn't work? Are there any log settings which I could tweak?

Using the same proxy within Firefox works just fine.

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Artifactory 2 uses logback for logging, you can find its configuration in $ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/logback.xml

If you can access the repository through the browser, it's likely the problem is in your Maven configuration. If you've a proxy configuration defined, you'll need to ensure the proxy is set to exclude your internal http proxy server.

If you run Maven with the -X switch, it will give you more details on the connection attempts Maven is making.

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What do you mean by "you'll need to ensure the proxy is set to exclude your internal http proxy server" and how can I check that? Thanks! – jilt3d Apr 10 '12 at 16:19

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