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I'm searching for the way to make Android magazine app like iOS magazine apps in Newsstand

As a source I have .pdf file and .ai file (Adobe Illustrator)

First I explored the ways to make a pdf viewer for android but it seems like impossible: opensource pdf libraries are too slow or aren't suitable for commercial purposes because of license.

I read PDF parsing library for android and many many other posts on Stackoverflow and other sites. Everywhere the conclusion is that only paid pdf libraries are good enough in Android. (Actualy even apps at Google Play based on these libs are mush slower and less functional than iOS analogs!). They costs about 700-900$ and aren't suitable for me.

I tried to convert pdf to epub and use this, but this 1) reader is slow 2)epub version of magazine isn't equal to pdf after conversion, a lot of bugs with images occured

I thought about a way to make some web-app using html/css/js and then use PhoneGap/Appcelerator to build Android app. However how to do it if I have only .pdf? (and .ai, but don't think it's useful)

Maybe someone had an experience or have ideas how to develop magazine app for Android? Fast, with links in table of contents, web links which can be opened in browser. It should work as a stand-alone app, without Internet access (except external web links).

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