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As per this post, I tried to find out html_basic.taglib.xml file in jsf-impl.jar (as per answer from BalusC). There doesn't exist any xml file html_basic.taglib.xml. However, there are other xml files like jsf-ri-runtime.xml, xml.xsd which doesn't have entry for the URL in question.

Since I didn't get the required xml file and required entry for the URL I counldn't actually understand what BalusC tried to tell in that post. Can anyone please elaborate on the same? And where can I find the xml files in JSF jars?

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That answer applies to JSF 2.0, not to JSF 1.2.

In JSF 1.2, which does not support Facelets natively, there's no means of any .taglib.xml file in the jsf-impl.jar. There are only JSP-specific .tld files. For Facelets in JSF 1.2, it's instead enclosed in jsf-facelets.jar. It's located in /META-INF/jsf-html.taglib.xml, which in turn contains solely the following entry:


You can find here the source code of HtmlLibrary.

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