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Situation: CausalType 1 -> N Causal

Into admin view for causaltype, i'm using cgridview, and I must show the number of causala of each causalType.

I setup the relation into CausalType

return array(
                        "causals" => array (self::HAS_MANY, "Causal", "causalTypeId"  ), 

I added class variable

  public $activeCausalCount; 

and this is the column in admin view

 array (
                  'name' => 'activeCausalCount',
                  'value' => 'count($data->causals)',    

Actually this is my criteria in search()

    $criteria=new CDbCriteria;


The count of causal of each type is correct, but I've some problem

1) I need to count only ACTIVE causals (count causals where causals.isActive = 1)

2) I need to sort the column

3) I need to filter (by integer)

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If you really need sorting and filtering on COUNT, then that can be little big process.

one way is...

Add a column to your CausalType table ( call it activeCausals )

define a relation in CausalType model

"totalActiveCasuals" => array(

and define afterSave method in Causal

protected function afterSave() 
    $this->causaltype->activeCausals = $this->causaltype->totalActiveCasuals;

    return parent::afterSave();

now you can filter, sort on new column activeCausals very very easily.

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why must I define afterSave !? – realtebo Oct 16 '12 at 19:36
That is to save the active Casuals into your table. Why I choose afterSave than beforeSave ? afterSave will be called once the Casual record is successfully saved, whereas beforeSave doesn't assure you whether Casual record saved successfully or not. – SuVeRa Oct 17 '12 at 6:23

Add a new relation to your CasualType of type STAT like this:

return array(
   "casuals" => array (self::HAS_MANY, "Causal", "causalTypeId"  ), 
   "totalCasuals" => array (self::STAT, "Causal", "causalTypeId"  ), 
   "totalActiveCasuals" => array (self::STAT, "Causal", "causalTypeId", 'condition' => 'active = true'    ), 

then in your view just use it as a normal attribute/relation

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