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I am trying to produce a clickable image of a graph in python. I directly called graphviz at first, then discovered networkx .

I'd like my program to obtain info about which node is displayed at the (x,y) coordinate where the user clicked the graph. I guess I could work with the pyplot window that opens and displays the graph, using the (x,y) coordinates at mouse-click, but I would need some kind of imagemap to know which node has been visualized at that coordinates!

Can you tell be if/how it can be done?

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I solved it thanks to the good folks at ( ):

The following (partial) code works in Tkinter, allows the creation of a matplotlib window (non blocking, by the way) containing a networkx graph, and executes the procedure visitNode() if you click on a given node.

import matplotlib
matplotlib.use('TkAgg')  #
import pylab

    class AnnoteFinder:  # thanks to
            callback for matplotlib to visit a node (display an annotation) when points are clicked on.  The
            point which is closest to the click and within xtol and ytol is identified.
            def __init__(self, xdata, ydata, annotes, axis=None, xtol=None, ytol=None):
       = zip(xdata, ydata, annotes)
                if xtol is None: xtol = ((max(xdata) - min(xdata))/float(len(xdata)))/2
                if ytol is None: ytol = ((max(ydata) - min(ydata))/float(len(ydata)))/2
                self.xtol = xtol
                self.ytol = ytol
                if axis is None: self.axis = pylab.gca()
                else: self.axis= axis
                self.drawnAnnotations = {}
                self.links = []

            def __call__(self, event):
                if event.inaxes:
                    clickX = event.xdata
                    clickY = event.ydata
                    if self.axis is None or self.axis==event.inaxes:
                        annotes = []
                        for x,y,a in
                            if  clickX-self.xtol < x < clickX+self.xtol and  clickY-self.ytol < y < clickY+self.ytol :
                                annotes.append((dx*dx+dy*dy,x,y, a) )
                        if annotes:
                            annotes.sort() # to select the nearest node
                            distance, x, y, annote = annotes[0]
            def visitNode(self, annote): # Visit the selected node
                # do something with the annote value

        fig = plt.figure()
        ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
        ax.set_title('select nodes to navigate there')  

        G=nx.MultiDiGraph()  # directed graph

        pos=nx.spring_layout(G) # the layout gives us the nodes position
        for key in pos:

        af =  AnnoteFinder(x,y, annotes)
        fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', af)
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I'm sorry but what is the point of pasting an incomplete/not working code with undefined names and broken identation? Will it help people besides yourself? – minerals Dec 26 '13 at 16:23

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