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It would be great if anyone had any suggestions of where i could start/what i could look at.

For the last few months I have been grabbing a json file everyday from twitter in the hope that at a later date I could play around with them using Processing. The issue i have is that i need all of these in one file rather that hundreds, so that's why I'm here. So i guess what I'm asking is whats the best way to compile lots of json files into one for easy access, or just an easy way to search all these files.

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You can naively concatenate them using

for i in *.json; do
   cat $i >> /tmp/result

(using bash or similar). Of course you will likely need to prepend/suffix with a root node. Make sure you scrub /tmp/result if you want to run the above again.

A simpler variant would be cat *.json > /tmp/result

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For the mass-searching problem, you may want to look into the json command-line tool.

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