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I have an issue to access my collection on a view's method, in fact, it works well from the initialize() method, but i created another one (drawVisualization()), and i get an undefined error when i try to access this.collection, it's probably a stupid question but i didn't find any solution, i tried to use _.bind on the initialize method but doesn't seem works in this case, here is the code:

App.Views.account = Backbone.View.extend({

className: 'account',

el: $('#account-container'),

initialize: function(){
    console.log(this.collection.toJSON()); //Works fine !
    this.template = _.template($('#account-template').html());
    _.bind(this.drawVisualization, this); //Seems to be useless

render: function(){
//Some code...
    return this;

drawVisualization: function(){
      console.log(this.collection.toJSON()); //Fail because of undefined collection !

Thanks for your help !

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Since it is a model belonging to collection you can actually do this model.Collection try it out – Deeptechtons Oct 15 '12 at 16:51

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I don't have an idea why it doesn't work, but try using underscore's bindAll.

initialize: function(){
  this.template = _.template($('#account-template').html());

For me just dumping bindAll in the beginning of each view initialize is a good way of avoiding this kind of problems.

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In backbone you don't need to bind this to a backbone view's method.

So try skipping this part

_.bind(this.drawVisualization, this); //Seems to be useless

and instead bind this like this:

this.collection.bind("reset", this.drawVisualization, this); 
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Doesn't works for me (undefined) – Ludo Oct 15 '12 at 19:52

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