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I have Magento 1.7 installation and it's whole Paypal layout is messed up, I don't know the reason. I reinstall all the modules using Magento connect. No luck, and I uploaded the core folder again from original Magento installation. "Mage_Paypal" module is enabled.Clear all cache.Also When I click on the Config button not showing settings.

Still the problem there.

Can anyone help me for solve this?

Here is screenshots.





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This does not occur in a clean install. Maybe you are using some historic browser like MS IE 7 ;-) –  feeela Oct 15 '12 at 13:03

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I had the exact same problem. After some searching found out I had to update the Avalanche Theme to version 1.3.2 (for magento 1.7+). Check https://fastdivision.com/themes/avalanche/members/download/.

Hope this helps

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