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If I have a data set containing 4137 observations and I want to do a regression of colga on hsperc and sat using only the first 2070 observations, how do I do that?

I have tried something like:

#(loading data)
GPA2 <- read.table("GPA2.raw", header=TRUE, na.strings=".")

#(fitting model)
mfit1 <- lm(formula = colgpa ~ hsperc + sat, 
            subset=(rownum<2071)  )

But the subset using rownum fails. Any suggestions??

I don't have a variable that counts the number of rows, sholud I have that? In that case, how do I do that?

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subset doesn't input rownum, you just list the rows you want so 1:2070 would be the first 2070 rows – Carl Nov 1 at 16:35

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Why don't you try this?

mfit1 <- lm( formula = colgpa ~ hsperc + sat, data=GPA2[1:2071,])

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mfit1 <- lm(formula = colgpa ~ hsperc + sat, 
            subset=1:2070  )
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