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I work on Mercury Quality Center 8.2 Build 3406 Entreprise Edition.

In order to write tests within Excel for Test Director, I installed the Excel Add-In. When I try to export the Excel file to Quality Center I get the following message

Quality Center Microsoft Excel Add-in Error

A general error has occured. Restart Microsoft Excel. Class does not support Automation or expected interface'.

I use Excel 2003 (11.5612.5606) part of MS Office Professional Edition 2003.

Could someone tell me how to make work this add-in correctly ?

Thank you.

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Try below steps:

Launch MS Excel 2010 Go to Option--> Trus Center -->Trus Center Settings --> Protected View --> Uncheck the Enable Data Execution Prevention Mode Restart the Excel.

Still facing the problem:

Navigate to Addins page in QC

Click on "HP ALM Client Registration" and run "Register HP ALM Client"

Close and re-start the Excel program.

Thank you, NaveenKumar N www.QAInsights.com

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I am not able to login, working with Excel 2013 & HP QC 11.5. Please help –  codeomnitrix Dec 12 '13 at 6:38

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