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I have the following gnuplot script:

gnuplot << EOF

set term postscript portrait color enhanced 
set output ''
set border lw 0.2
unset key

set size 1,1
set origin 0,0
set size ratio 1
set size 0.47,0.47
set mxtics 2; set mytics 4

set style fill transparent solid 0.1

set yrange [12:-2]; set xrange[0:10000]
plot f(x,17.55) w filledcurve lc rgb "black", \
f(x,17.5) w lines lt 2 lc rgb "green"


Which gives me an output like this:


I need two fix two things in this image:

1- the filled zone has a black line which delimitates it and this should go away

2- the filling is covering the x and y tics and this should not happen


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To address 1):

set style fill transparent solid 0.1 noborder

To address 2):

set grid noxtics nomxtics noytics nomytics front

As a side note, transparent in your set style fill command does nothing in the postscript terminal as it doesn't support solid transparency.

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Perfect! I got the answer to 2- from another question of mine answered by you :) You can add that line to your current answer and I'll mark the question as fully answered. Thanks again mgilson! – Gabriel Oct 15 '12 at 13:49
Well, you did it while I wrote my comment. You are fast! – Gabriel Oct 15 '12 at 13:50
@Gabriel -- I knew I had done it before (I didn't remember where), but it wasn't too hard to track down the second time :). – mgilson Oct 15 '12 at 13:51

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