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I have an issue with one specific category ("vinyl") in my Virtuemart music e-shop: Although it is published (in back end - category tree) the browse page, showing all the products in this category, does not load. So it looks like the category is empty. Only the list of subcategories shows, and when clicking on them, the products in these sub categories do normally display.

All other categories, set up in the exact same way, do not have this issue, and the parent category shows the products in it.

  • It is the same when using and not using SEF
  • All products are assigned to both the parent and the sub categories
  • The weird thing is, it happens to one category only
  • I looked into the database, and there the category is normally published
  • I looked into the SEF extension, and the urls of the products in the parent category are normally there, but with 0 (zero) hits

I am afraid a file got corrupt, but I do not know where to search for it. I have an off-line back-up of the site (on WAMP), and there it works normally. So I have the possibility to replace a file if necessary.

Any idea where to look for this? Until now, all topics on forums deal with the issue that products are not shown in ALL categories, but I could not find anywhere a solution for this one category only issue. Searcged for days and days, but no success so far.

Thanks a lot for your help!

site: www.reggaeshop.cz joomla 1.5.26 vm 1.1.9

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