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I'm trying to check out a svn repository using git.

I'm using the following command:

git.exe svn clone ""

I accept the certificate, and the repository transfer starts. After a while, say 15min, I get a "fatal: unable to run "git-svn"". I have tried pulling down multiple times, but I always get this error message. (When it happens .. seems to be completely random).

Also, I cannot continue a transfer after it has failed, instead of have to delete the .git directory and start over. (Or else I get a "error: More that one value for the key svn-remote.svn.fetch").

Any suggestions, other then not using https? (I'm assuming that that's the problem).

Also I was unable to determine a solution from the following post:


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If it is random it sounds like a network issue. Is the network dropping packets? Does that cause a dropped connection? Try cloning from a reliable connection. Or try making a copy closer with another tool like svnsync and clone from that. Then you'll probably have to hack a bit on git-svn so that it'll work with another repository URL...

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Definitely not a network issue. GIT is the only program that is having this problem. When using Subversion instead for doing large checkouts I get no problems. Also, I have never experienced any network related problems with the current network that I'm using. – vicjugador Nov 26 '09 at 18:22

I would recommend to try to checkout with SmartGit. It has more user-friendly auth settings. And btw much faster on Windows.

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