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I have a folder with name is 'MainFolder'. Inside this folder I have a lot folders and files. But inside 'MainFolder' I have one special folder (name of this folder is 'ABC'), with couple *.aspx files. Also in this folder I have a lot other folders with random names.

Question is: how I can make archive MainFolder.rar with all data, except ABC folder where will be just *.aspx files and not include sub-folders?

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I'd do it in two steps, it should go something like this:

rar a -r MainFolder.rar MainFolder -xABC
rar a MainFolder.rar ABC -n.aspx

Explanation: 1st command adds all but ABC folder (-r means recursive, -x means exclude). 2nd command adds aspx files from ABC folder to the same archive.

UPDATED: -n seems to be the opposite of -x - does that do what you want?

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That's good example, but I should have ABC folder inside MainFolder.rar with *.aspx files. How to make folder ABC in archive? – Smit Oct 15 '12 at 13:37
updated the second part - any better? – Colin Pickard Oct 15 '12 at 13:57

You need first to build a list of the files to be included, using the FOR command. Read HELP FOR and try this simple code to get you started...

FOR %%a in (*.*) do (
  echo %%a >>%temp%\list.txt
FOR /d %%a in in (*.*) do (
  if /I NOT %%a==ABC (
    FOR %%b in (%%a\*.*) do (
      echo %%b >>%temp%\list.txt

and then pass it to Winrar in the command line

rar a -r %temp%\files.rar @%temp%\list.txt
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