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I have a feature request represented as a JIRA issue with the handle PRJ-11. My issue has a sub-task with the handle PRJ-23. JIRA has the latest FishEye and FishEye Plugin installed and smart commits are enabled.


If I was to make an SVN commit with the log message:

PRJ-11 #resolve #time 1w #comment Finished working on the complete feature

FishEye would resolve the parent issue (and presumably the sub-task while it was at it).

If I try to do the same with the sub-task:

PRJ-23 #resolve #time 1w #comment Finished working on the sub-task

FishEye detects the SVN commit and logs the activity against the sub-task, but it does not either advance the workflow of the sub-task or log any time against it or the parent issue.

Have I missed something in my commit message syntax or FishEye configuration?

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Hmm, maybe this is a bug in FishEye. Check it with – Borislav Sabev Oct 16 '12 at 5:47
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The commit message you present should transition the sub-task to the Resolved state assuming that it is in a state with a Resolve transition available and that you do not require that a sub-task specify a Resolution when being resolved.

If this is not working, I see several possible reasons:

  1. The sub-task is in a state without a Resolve transition available to it.
  2. The sub-task doesn't have a default Resolution and requires one be specified at resolution
  3. The sub-task has one or more required fields not set by a SmartCommit
  4. The sub-task requires rights your SmartCommit user doesn't have to resolve it
  5. There is a bug in [Fisheye as was suggested|] at the Atlassian Answers Forum.

A quick comment on something else you said in your question in passing:

FishEye would resolve the parent issue (and presumably the sub-task while it was at it).

This is not default behavior for JIRA workflows. If you want sub-tasks to be Resolved when the parent is resolved, you would have to customize your workflow.

While having a parent be resolved when all its children are resolved in a behavior I believe is appropriate in some cases, I am not at all sure that resolving sub-tasks when the parent is resolved is at all appropriate.

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