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The problem is that class A depends on class B and vice versa. The compiler will complain abount an unknown type. The usual solution is to forward-declare the classes. But how to declare template classes?

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I took me a while to find a solution so I thought i could make somebody else's life easier by posting a "template" here.

// Header A.h
template<class z, class w = float>
class B;

template<class x, class y = double>
class A
    B mb;

// Header B.h
template<class x, class y = double>
class A;

template<class z, class w = float>
class B
    A mA;

Furthermore you are able to change the optional parameter in the template declaration.

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Saying B* or A* doesn't mean anything because the full type is A<something, something>*. A template name by itself isn't a type. Also, identifiers beginning with an underscore, two underscores, or an underscore and a capital letter are reserved for the compiler/library implementation by the standard. –  Dan Oct 15 '12 at 13:26
Okay, thanks. I edited it but it should still work. –  ManuelSchneid3r Oct 15 '12 at 13:32

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