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In Z3 you have to_real to obtain the Real equivalent of an Int. Is there some support to the inverse conversions, i.e., to truncation, rounding or like? In the negative case, what could be the most Z3-friendly way of defining them, if any? Many thanks to everyone will answer.

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Yes, Z3 has a to_int function that converts a Real into an integer. The semantics of to_int is defined in the SMT 2.0 standard. Here is an example: http://rise4fun.com/Z3/uJ3J

(declare-fun x () Real)

(assert (= (to_int x) 2))
(assert (not (= x 2.0)))

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Thank you very much; since I need round-towards-zero I will use (define-fun round_to_zero ((x Real)) Int (if (>= x 0.0) (to_int x) (- (to_int (- x))))). Thank you again, and keep on with the nice work with Z3. –  Pietro Braione Oct 15 '12 at 20:32

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