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I am using C#, Silverlight, Visual Studio for Windows Phone 7.

Is there a way to give a UIElement multiple Geometry clips? Something equivalent to:

Path myPath = new Path();
myPath.Data = myRectangle; // say of size 100x100
myPath.Clip = myClipRect; // smaller rectangle, say of size 20x20, located at (0,0)
myPath.Clip = myClipEllipse; // circle of radius 30, centered on myRectangle

Right now, myClipEllipse will override myClipRect in myPath.Clip, so only myClipEllipse will be displayed. I'm looking for a result that draws myRectangle with both of these clips correctly (ie, not inverted).

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I ended up solving this using a GeometryGroup class (docs here). Just put all the geometries as children of the GeometryGroup, and give this GeometryGroup to the Clip.

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