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I have an UILabel in a custom cell class in an UITableView and I use the following code to increase the width of the label dynamically in regards of its content:

CGSize sizeToMakeLabel = [cell.cellResult.text sizeWithFont:cell.cellResult.font];

cell.cellResult.frame = CGRectMake(cell.cellResult.frame.origin.x, cell.cellResult.frame.origin.y, sizeToMakeLabel.width, sizeToMakeLabel.height);

The problem that appears using the above code, is that I can no longer have the label to be right aligned (increase the width of it to the left instead of right).

If I don't use the above code and set alignment to right in IB, the alignment works. But in this case, I lose the dynamic width.

I've tried with:

cell.cellResult.textAlignment = UITextAlignmentRigth;
cell.cellResult.autoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizingFlexibleLeftMargin;

but nothing happens.

Can someone help me out on this one please ?

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You can't right align the label because you set its real width for its frame.

If you want it to be dynamic but right aligned, you can do something like:

CGSize sizeToMakeLabel = [cell.cellResult.text sizeWithFont:cell.cellResult.font];

cell.cellResult.frame = CGRectMake(cell.cellResult.frame.origin.x + cell.cellResult.frame.size.width - sizeToMakeLabel.width, cell.cellResult.frame.origin.y, sizeToMakeLabel.width, sizeToMakeLabel.height);
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Thank you very much ! It worked :D ! In 7 minutes I'll approve this answer as being the correct one ! –  Razvan Oct 15 '12 at 13:33

That's because you change the origin of the label when setting it's frame:cell.cellResult.frame.origin.x,

You could change the bounds to manage the width only.

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